Russia in numbers
on World Bank Ease of Doing Business index
on World Bank Ease
of Registering Property
corporate tax rate
< 12% Russians speak English
To access Russia, you must consider that
GR and bureaucratic work are a necessity
Unique corporate and political climate require oversight by an experienced partner
RTEDC is your partner on the Russian market
We adapt your product to be competitive in the Russian market
We establish you as a legal entity and protect your IP
Our sales team manages your product and reports to you weekly
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These services will provide your company with a full expansion to Russian market with active sales and development until the end of a contract.
- What is RTEDC?
RTEDC is your partner on the Russian market. For over 9 years, we have worked with over 250 TMT and digital companies from 35 states in EMEA and the Americas. ITC-certified. WTO & UNCTAD observers
- What does RTEDC do?
We promote Russian tech and digital companies abroad and invite foreign leaders to localzie in one of the world's biggest markets (to Russia, support suffieceint sales and jurisdicial experience, in-house servies)
- How does the partnership work?
Our sales team will adapt your product to be competitve in the Russian market and begin sales into the first month of the partnership We can localize you as a LCC or sell directly through our established subsidiaries We report our progress weekly and by your enquiry
We can localize you as a LLC or sell directly through our established subsidiaries;
We deal with all apsects of legalisation and registration;
Our nominee directors will manage the LLC through the first months of operations;
We report our progress weekly and by your enquiry
    - How to negotiate partnership?
    Contact our sales team at
    We sign a partnership contract, recieve the first monthly payment, and our team begins adapting your product immediately Within first four weeks, we move forward with operations, logistics, and transactions of sales
    If you chose to extend our partnership, registering the LLC may take up to a month
      - How can I find investors to start my business in Russia?
      Our financial partner MaxCapital may cover 50% of your expenses in exchange for a 49% stake in sales and profits of the joint venture
      - But what about the marketing?
      MaxDigitalNetwork will take care of your website and SEO;
      MDN will increase your KPI by 30% through our performance marketing startegy;
      We will adapt your marketing strategy to succeed in the Russian market
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